Advisory Board

Groundswell’s Advisory Board is a dedicated group of volunteers who oversee the development of our organization and guide our mission and vision. This group serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors of the Center for Transformative Action, Groundswell’s 501c3 fiscal sponsor.

Current Advisory Board members:

Peter Bardaglio Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative
Rachel Bezner-Kerr Cornell Community Food Systems Minor Program
Todd McLane TC3 Farm
Megan Vidler, Board Chair Home Green Home
Matthew Weiss Cornell Small Farms Program
Mary Kate Wheeler Cornell Masters Progr. in Applied Econ & Mgmt

Interested in serving on Groundswell’s Advisory Board?

Please read the information below, and feel free to give us a call at 607-319-5095 to discuss your interests. Apply Online.

Groundswell Advisory Board Job Description and Expectations

Duties of the Advisory Board

  • Ensure that Groundswell‘s vision, values and mission are reflected in its programs and policies.
  • Ensure effective and strategic organizational planning.
  • Be actively engaged in fundraising events and activities.
  • Cultivate strategic relationships on Groundswell’s behalf.
  • Select and support the Groundswell Director, and review performance.
  • Adopt an annual budget and regularly monitor Groundswell’s fiscal status.
  • Enhance Groundswell’s public image and promote the Center’s mission and programs.

Expectations of Advisory Board members

Advisory Board members are expected to commit to a minimum of 5 hours of active engagement each month. This includes:

  • Participation in at least 8 of the 12 monthly Advisory Board meetings each year.  Members residing away from Ithaca are expected to attend at least two meetings per year in person, participating via teleconference in others.
  • Serving on at least one subcommittee or work team of the Advisory Board, when active.
  • Participating as a Groundswell representative in at least four public events per year (one/quarter)

In addition, Advisory Board members are expected to:

  • Support Groundswell’s commitment to pursuing economic justice, inclusion, anti-racism and equity in the food system.
  • Work collaboratively and respectfully with other Advisory Board members, while embracing constructive conflict.
  • Participate in continuing education to enhance knowledge and skills for effective organizational governance in a multicultural context.
  • Financially support Groundswell in a manner commensurate with personal resources.


  • Advisory Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month from 6-8PM.
  • Subcommittees and work teams meet as needed for their current work agenda. 

Benefits include satisfaction and networking:

  • Being part of a dynamic community-based organization which is catalyzing positive change in our community, region, and food system.
  • Leadership opportunities in community-based sustainable development, “green jobs,” site-based education, and local food systems.
  • Opportunities to build networks within the local community and among regional and national organizations.
  • Opportunities to foster meaningful and lasting partnerships with diverse collaborators.

Length of term:  Advisory Board members serve 3 year terms, and may serve up to two consecutive 3 year terms.