Vending and Tabling opportunities are available at the Farm to Plate Conference from 10AM-5PM on Saturday, May 13th, 2017 at Beverly Jane Martin Elementary, 302 W Buffalo Street Ithaca.
Please use the Vendor Form to sign up for vending and information tabling. Tables will be set up in the BJM gym.
We are looking for non-profits and businesses that have an emphasis on sustainability, food justice, social justice, community building and social services.


Food vendors: We suggest being ready to sell from 11am – 2pm, with the most trafficked time will be during the lunchtime break, 12-1PM. 


PRICE: Free for non-profits, $20 for small businesses, $50 for food vendors. Please mail checks to CTA/Groundswell Center, 225 South Fulton Street, Ithaca, c/o Kate Cardona. Make checks out to the Center for Transformative Action/Groundswell. You can also pay by check in person at the conference or drop it by the Groundswell office at the above address.

Sign up to be a Vendor