Finger Lakes Crop Mob

The Finger Lakes Crop Mob is a fun, low-stress, easy way for people who are interested in farming to visit the local farms of the Finger Lakes — or for those interested in a community volunteer opportunity to get some fresh air and make some new friends while working outside.

Many small-scale farms operate in a constant state of shorthandedness. Not having the means to hire their own paid workers, commercial farmers often rely on help from friends and family — or work twice as hard — to get important jobs done. One day of volunteer help from just a few extra people can make an enormous difference for farmers who are working against a deadline, harvesting fruit before it rots or planting hundreds of baby trees before they dry out. Crop Mobs organize and direct immediate help for farmers when they need it most.

A typical Crop Mob work day starts with a brief tour and an explanation of the work that will be done. Volunteers usually need little or no experience; the host farmer will be prepared to explain tasks for people who are unfamiliar with farming. Work days generally include a meal provided by the host farmer, often featuring produce grown on or near the host farm. The pace of work is typically deliberate but relaxed: while it’s important for the host farmer that the job be completed as much as possible by the end of the work day, volunteers still have plenty of time to socialize and enjoy their time on the farm. The only thing that volunteers need to participate is sturdy shoes, weather-appropriate clothes, and a willingness to do moderately physical work outside for several hours.

Check this page or sign up for the Crop Mob mailing list to find out about upcoming work days!