Work2Learn Mentoring

Find a farm mentor

Work2Learn Mentor Program pairs students with experienced farmers who specialize in a particular skillset or farming model that corresponds with the students’ farming goals. This “micro-apprenticeship model” is an excellent opportunity for beginning or aspiring farmers to get focused training in a specific area without having to make a long-term commitment. The flexible scheduling of this program makes it ideal for students who already work full-time or are supporting a family.

Mentors and trainees will arrange Work2Learn sessions according to their own scheduling needs. Both mentors and trainees will keep detailed records of every Work2Learn session — including time spent, topics of instruction, and skills practiced. A two-way evaluation process at the end of the season will be facilitated by Groundswell staff, in order to assess the development of the trainee’s skills and knowledge, as well as the mentor’s instructional effectiveness.

A Work2Learn placement is also a central component of our Farming 101 course.