Lessons from the Land

Seeking Submissions for Column: “Stocking Up”

Deadline: June 9 (Summer 2017 Issue)

Though “Stocking Up” conjures memories of food preservation for many, it doesn’t only mean canning food. Stocking Up comes in many forms such as saving seeds, building ponds to store water or adding rain barrels to your gutters, taking cuttings from elderberry or other easy to propagate plants or selectively breeding animals for a specific trait. There’s so many ways to stock up. Whether it’s to be prepared for impending changes in the climate or simply to enjoy summer flavors all year-long, share your stories of Stocking Up with Lessons from the Land.

The Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming and the Cornell Small Farms Program have teamed up to create a new column called Lessons from the Land. The
first edition appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of the Small Farm Quarterly.

Lessons from the Land captures and shares the stories of and lessons learned from farmers, homesteaders and land workers around New York and the Northeast.

Too often, farmers and homesteaders exist in isolation; working long hard days, both overcoming significant and unpredictable challenges and also witnessing earth’s abundance.  Stories are a way to connect, unite, and share ideas, information and experiences.

We want to hear stories from growers of all types and sizes, on real topics, that matter!

Each issue has a theme (see below for upcoming topics). Submissions of 400 – 800 words may be submitted online HERE. We will publish only nonfiction submissions. Feel free to submit your name, farm name, city and state or submit your piece as “anonymous” if it allows you to be more honest.

We reserve the right to edit your submission to meet space limitations or to be sensitive to privacy issues.  We will share changes with you before publishing. Because of space limitations, we are unable to print all the submissions we receive. Selected entries will be published in each issue of the Small Farm Quarterly as well as online on the Groundswell Center and Small Farm Program websites. Selected authors will receive a copy of the Small Farms Quarterly featuring your article.


CURRENT TOPIC: The Cycles of Life

The theme for the Spring 2017 SFQ issue is “The Cycles of Life”


As farmers, producers and growers we bare witness to birth, growth and death more closely than many others on a regular basis. How does that affect us? What meaning do we draw from the life we nurture and the life we take?


Thank you for your submissions. The Spring 2017 SFQ issue will be published around April 1.





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Upcoming Topics & Submission Deadlines: 

  • Stocking Up – June 9 (Summer 2017 Issue)


  • Diversity – August 11 (Fall 2017 Issue)