New Americans

New Americans Initiative

Are you a new American, an immigrant or a refugee?

Do you want to learn more about farming, or start your own farm?

Groundswell can help!

ToolDemo1WEBGroundswell is proud and happy to work with new Americans who want to become farmers.

We can offer you:

Land for farming. If you want to start a farm but don’t have land, we can help. The Groundswell Incubator Farm in Ithaca, NY is a shared farm that provides New Americans and others with healthy, fertile land for raising vegetables or animals. A new farmer can begin by renting 1/4 acre at very low cost. Groundswell Incubator Farmers also share a water source and equipment (tractor, hand tools), a barn, a walk-in cooler, and a hoophouse.

Workshops and classes. Do you want to learn what crops or livestock are best to grow in your region? Are you looking for help selling your product? Or do you want to know how to find land or money to start your farm or business? Groundswell can offer workshops and classes on these topics and others. We offer special classes for people with limited English skills.

A teacher or mentor to help you start or improve your farm. Would you like to sit down with an experienced farmer to talk about your farm or business ideas? Are you looking for help with your farm plan? Would you like to work on a farm in order to learn more? We can help you find the right person.

Contact us!

Call us at 607-319-5095 or email

Our goals:

Help New Americans, including refugees and immigrants, participate in economic and entrepreneurial opportunities afforded by the growing local foods movement.
To increase in the number of New American farmers in Central New York in order to: 1) enhance the cultural diversity of our farms and communities, and 2) keep agricultural land and infrastructure in production.