Kingbird Farm

Karma & Michael Cultivating 7-12-2010 WEBOwned by Michael and Karma Glos, Kingbird Farm is a 100-acre diversified livestock and horticultural farm located 30 miles southeast of Ithaca in Berkshire, NY. Kingbird Farm has been operational since 1997 and produces a variety of grass-fed meat products, as well as eggs, culinary herbs, specialty vegetables, and wild-harvested mushrooms.

The farm facilities include 35 acres of intensively managed pasture, one heated greenhouse, two unheated high tunnels, a large barn for winter livestock housing and hay storage, solar chicken barn for overwintering of the laying flock, summer poultry grazing/housing systems for both broilers and laying flock, and on-farm poultry processing facility. Kingbird has invested in draft animals as an alternative to mechanized equipment: he farm has a full line of horse –powered tools and implements for the field work that is done with the use of Haflinger and Fjord horses.

“We prefer to run our farm as a complete Kingbird-signlife, not just a business. It is difficult to tell where the “house” leaves off and the “farm” begins. The fields, forests, and animals are an integral part of our daily lives and cannot be separated. We grow food for ourselves and our community while nurturing the land and the livestock.”