Tree Gate Farm

HighTunnelsMarch-2Dean Koyanagi is the primary grower and innovator at Tree Gate Farm. He’s passionate about soil health and has developed our rainwater capture, biochar, hugelkultur, and compost tea systems. He’s also responsible for masterminding such equipment innovations as our electric cultivating tractor. Sharon Tregaskis also works as a reporter, writer, and editor. It was her reporting on the local foods movement, agricultural ecology, and social justice that brought her to farming. She is responsible for marketing and sales. We work together seed starting, transplanting, and harvesting for all markets, as well as deciding what to grow and how to market it. Dean tends to be the design/concept originator for new projects on the farm (root cellar, greenhouse acquisition, NYS beginning farmer grant application, etc.). Tree Gate sells to local restaurants and small grocers, Crooked Carrot (a local value-added food processor), through Regional Access to NYS co-ops and delis, and to members of a CSA.