Food Justice for Black and Brown Bodies

A conversation about food systems is a conversation about racial equity. 

As we fight for justice for Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor, we are painfully aware of so many others from the Black community who have been killed by police, unjustly detained, and are disproportionately ill from covid-19 due to employment and systemic realities at intersections of race and class. We call on food justice organizations and farmers to act in solidarity against racism and police brutality. 

Groundswell stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We believe that any individual or group who cares about food needs to care about justice for black and brown bodies. 

We cannot sit on the sidelines as farmland continues to be stolen from black farmers, as resources remain inaccessible to farmers of color, and as black families are denied healthful foods. We must be accountable to communities of color. We will continue to support, however we can, the efforts to redistribute land and resources and to make reparations to descendants of the enslaved black people, who, through forced labor built much of this nation’s agricultural industry.

Thanks to everyone that has donated to us in this time. We ask that you also support black-led organizations/movements, black farmers and black business owners (here’s a growing list for Ithaca).

In Solidarity,

Giavanna, Holly, Jonathan, Liz, Maggie, Natalie, Patrice

Please note that Groundswell is not a black-owned business, we are a non-profit committed to cultivating an equitable food system.