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Newest grower at Incubator Farm has flourishing first season

Interview and article by: Nico Hirscl, Cornell University William Htoo is the newest farmer at Groundswell Center’s Farm Business Incubator Program, and just completed his first growing season. William is a refugee from Burma (also known as Myanmar) and came to Ithaca, NY in 2011. William and I sat down to have a conversation about…

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Groundswell Story: Alison Smith

Alison came to Ithaca to find her place in our farm community, specifically for flowers. After apprenticing at Littleflowers Farm for the tail end of last season, she joined Groundswell’s Incubator Farm to pursue her own cut flower business. How did you get started with Groundswell’s Incubator Farm program? I had been farming veggies but…

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