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Farming for Justice

Farming for Justice is a monthly meeting for farmers, food producers, and food system workers interested in digging into the intersection of food, agriculture, and social justice.

What role do we see ourselves playing in racial/economic justice work? What are the barriers we face and how can we support each other to step into further action? Through dialogue, education, and action planning, we’ll begin to explore the answers.

Upcoming Sessions

august, 2018

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How to participate

There is no cost to attend. Register online by clicking the button below each session. Or email Kate, our Outreach and Equity Coordinator at kate@groundswellcenter.org

Contact us with questions or to suggest a topic

Past Topics

  • History of Racism and inequality in U.S. Agriculture.
  • White Privilege in the food system.
  • Labor in the food system: barriers to small-farm profit making and farmworker rights.

“ A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

― Marcus Garvey