Farming For Justice Recording- Returning Buffalo to Native Nations to Strengthen Land and People

This Farming for Justice discussion we were joined by Wizipan Little Elk. Wizi is the CEO and the visionary behind the Wolakota Buffalo Range.

The Wolakota Buffalo Range is a visionary project that harnesses the power of public, private, and governmental partnerships to allow the Sicangu Lakota (people of Rosebud) to strengthen their sovereignty. At 28,000 acres, Wolakota has the capacity to grow to over 1,500 head of buffalo which will make it the largest Native-owned and managed herd in the world, creating huge and lasting social, economic, cultural, and ecological impacts.

We hope that you enjoy this recording and share the work of the Wolakota Buffalo Range widely. We found this to be a deeply moving event based in storytelling, with insight that applies to not fust farming, but how we can strengthen our society as a whole.

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