Farming For Justice Recording- Soul Food As Healing: Reclaiming Narratives Around African American Foodways and Food Systems with Dr. Lindsey Lunsford

This Farming for Justice discussion we were joined by scholar, activist, and agriculture advocate Dr. Lindsey Lunsford. We hope that you enjoy this recording and share this discussion widely.

The food we eat and the stories that surround it speak volumes about who we are and where we come from. White supremacy and anti-Blackness have confounded to tell dark and shameful narratives about Black people and the food they choose. It’s important that the myths that surround African American foodways and heritage cooking (i.e. Soul Food) be investigated and exposed. This presentation made connections between food systems narratives and racial injustices as well as describe the role that culture plays in making sustainable changes.

List of books mention during the event:

  • Recipes & Remembrances of Fair Dillard – Zella Palmer
  • Mikki Kendall – Hood Feminism
  • High on the Hog – Jessica B. Harris
  • Hog & Hominy – Frederick Douglass Opie
  • The Cooking Gene – Michael W. Twitty 
  • Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs – Williams-Forson
  • Bound to the Fire – Kelley Fanto Deetz
  • Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine One Plate at a Time
    Book – Adrian Miller
  • Every Nation has It’s Dish: Black Bodies and Black Food in Twentieth-Century America – Jennifer Jensen Wallach

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