Meet Our Newest Team Member! Giavanna Townsend, Programs Manager

We’re excited to have Giavanna join the Groundswell team as Programs Manager! We asked her a few questions to learn more about her:

What brought you to farming? 
When I began farming it was completely new to me. I learned very little about agriculture and the food system growing up, and had very little connection to my food. When I began farming, learning became exciting to me, and I knew I was doing something good for my community. These sentiments still ring true, and I haven’t been able to go a single growing season without farming since! 

Why not work directly on a farm right now?
While I enjoy labor based farm jobs, I also have a passion for changing our food system through education and community work. At Groundswell I can join my farming and programming experience to help support a more just and equitable food system.

Favorite veggie and why?
My favorite veggie right now is napa cabbage. I enjoy it raw or cooked, and I especially love eating lots of kimchi!

Welcome to the team Giavanna!