Incubator Update: A new hoop house for the wash station!


Devon and Jaya put the finishing touches on the hoop house that will hold our new wash station.


We are excited to say that the Incubator Farm now has a fantastic new hoop house that will soon house our farm wash station. Here our farmers will be able to wash all of their produce before it is taken to the Walk-In cooler that will be built later this spring.

Having this new wash station will be a huge time and labor saver for the farmers! Currently they have to take their produce home and wash it before marketing it (and they are also responsible for finding their own storage).  Having a large, efficient wash station at the farm means that it will be easier to quickly clean and process larger volumes of crops.  Incubator Farmers will be better able to raise and plan for perishable crops now that we will have dunk tanks, sprayers, sinks, and packing tables. The wash station is also a very important piece of infrastructure for marketing perishable crops, because is usually necessary to take the “field heat” off of the product right away so that it doesn’t wither or degrade.

In the future, this could enable Farmers to use additional land at the Incubator as they become capable of managing and marketing larger volume of clean, fresh produce.

This new hoop house is a Howard Hoover 20 x 24′ Tunnel with a FarmTek vinyl cover on it. It was generously funded by the USDA BFRDP grant Groundswell received in 2014.

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