July Farming for Justice Recording- What Bees can Teach Us About Social Change

In Radicalize the Hive we outlined what honey bees, a “super-organism”, can teach us about building generative social systems.  The work includes discussion on building collaborative groups or communities through setting group terms, sharing power, building collective understanding, and shaping consensus while being compassionate with ourselves.

In this discussion we explored the ways we can learn from the hive, especially in a society experiencing a pandemic, protests, and uprisings.

More about the Presenter: Ang Roell (they/them) runs two parallel businesses the first, They Keep Bees is a femme run apiary co-located in Western Massachusetts and South Florida that raises queen bees and produces honeycomb. In the second business Ang Roell Consulting is committed to helping clients make the changes necessary to shift organizational culture & practice from a model of dominant power to a model of cooperative power, inspired by the ecological world. Ang holds a Masters of Science in SocialJustice Education from Boston University, and teaches courses in both university and community settings.  They are a seasoned public speaker, and educator.  They are currently working on a book titled, “Radicalize the Hive”, and recently completed their first TedX lecture titled “What Honey Bees Can Teach Us About Building Successful Collaboration”. To learn more about about Ang please visit their website: https://www.theykeepbees.com

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