New “Zone 1” at the Incubator Farm

Exciting developments at the Groundswell Incubator Farm!  


You might have caught some of the pictures earlier this summer: the Incubator Farm has some new infrastructure that will greatly enhance the farmers’ ability to grow beautiful fresh produce.

In permaculture, people often design a growing space based on the “Zones of Use”, and the area that is worked in most often, is logically called Zone 1.  This area should be easy to access and have a good flow for working within the other zones of the land.  Unfortunately, the original Zone 1 at the Incubator was a little offset from the rest of the farm and required driving across a grassy, sometimes muddy, path to get there.  Thankfully, the farmers have been willing to bootstrap it in the past—but now the Farm has a new driveway, expanded shed, new wash station, and soon will have a walk-in cooler, creating a fully functional Zone 1 with easy access to the rest of the farm’s fields.  

We hope that this new design will greatly enhance the ability of the Incubator Farmers to build successful businesses, by making washing, packing, and storage much simpler, as well as making it easier to access the tools and equipment.  The new improvements will also make it easier to host visitors at the Farm, so please let us know if you would ever like to come by and see the progress!

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