Thank You for Celebrating Our 10th Year!

A Big Thank You to All Our Supporters

Thank you to everyone who came to the Sunset Soirée last month for a beautiful evening filled with food, drinks, music, a chance auction and — most importantly — incredible company! Groundswell’s 10-year anniversary is an important milestone towards building a sustainable and just food system, and your support fuels this work. This past year was full of exciting moments, including the expansion of the Incubator Farm, offering new courses specifically for women who farm, winning a prestigious award in NYC, and our official 501(c)(3) status!

What’s next for Groundswell?

Our next goal is to construct a pond on the Incubator Farm. The producers at the Incubator Farm are interested in continuing to grow their crops (despite being there longer than our original 3-year graduation period). But we have no plan on asking them to leave. Success in farming takes many forms — and we believe that gaining supplemental income and feeding your family are successes. This is why we are proudly transitioning the site to a Community Farm, where the growers (most of whom are refugees from Burma) can farm on shared land, access equipment, irrigation, and refrigeration, while taking on certain aspects of management.

The Farm relies on costly town water, and proves to be one of the largest financial obstacles to operating the farm, and is a cost burden we do not wish to transfer to the farmers. A pond on the Incubator Farm would eliminate the dependency on pumping water up the hill from the town and would also establish a new aquatic habitat, increasing the farm’s ecosystem diversity. We have launched a fundraiser through December with the aim of raising money to build a pond for irrigating crops. Learn more about the pond’s innumerable benefits and donate here!

A Few Golden Hour Photos from the Sunset Soiree!

Check out our highlights from a truly stunning evening: