Groundswell Incubator Farm: Working to Support Equitable Farming Opportunities in Ithaca (WRFI Radio Piece)

March 2, 2019

Volunteers gather on a sunny May evening to cut down brush and clear new beds for planting at the Groundswell Incubator Farm. These monthly volunteer nights are a way for the public to support the 11 farm operations enrolled in this unique farmer support program in Ithaca, NY. One such farmer featured in this interview is Khin Khin Paw, a refugee from Burma who grows veggies from his home country on a 1/8 acre of plot of land.

Learn more about the project, volunteers, and farmers through this radio program on the Ear to Earth Program at WRFI! Special thanks to the interviewers Maggie McAden (Groundswell Intern) and Elena Piƫch, and the the other Park Scholars who produced this episode!

>> Listen here<<
our segment ends at 09:49.

*fact check: According to the 2012 US Census of Ag, there is one registered African American Farmer in Tompkins, but there are several farmers of color in the County.

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