Groundswell Volunteer Spotlight: Kemberli Sargent

Sustainability Intern hones videography skills, helps us tell the Groundswell story

By now there are dozens of amazing Groundswell graduates out “in the field”, doing great things with the farming skills and connections we’ve helped them develop. We do our best to keep up with them and tell you their stories when we can, but really… that could be a full-time job!

Enter Kemberli Sargent. Back in September the Sustainability Center in Ithaca hooked us up with Kemberli through their Sustainability Internship Program. Kemberli graduated from Cornell last August with a Master’s in Regional Planning, and wanted an opportunity to develop her skills as a videographer while looking for a job in her field.

In three short months Kemberli has almost completed six awesome video profiles of Groundswell trainees. We’ve been so impressed by the quality – and quantity – of her work on the project, and can’t wait to share the finished products. They will really help us tell The Groundswell Story!

We asked Kemberli to share a little bit about why she was interested in working with Groundswell, and what she got out of the experience. “I grew up on a small ranch in the Texas Panhandle where my family raised grass-fed cattle. Growing up in such a rural area helped me develop a love and appreciation for farming and agriculture,” she explained. 

“I wanted to work for Groundswell in order to learn more about how they have developed a successful farming education and land access program. Through my interview project I was able to learn about the effects of the program from the farmer trainees, and develop my own narrative building and video editing skills in the process.” 

We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated and talented volunteer. We wish Kemberli the best as she pursues a career in “urban planning focused on community health in the built environment as well as access to resources such as food and recreation.”

Become a Groundswell Volunteer!

Build your resume while making a difference

Groundswell depends on dedicated volunteers for all kinds of support, from tabling at events to research and writing, from making videos to serving on our Steering Committee. If you’d like to be involved, let us know. In addition we’ll be offering two more formal Sustainability Internships starting in January. For more information contact us at