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Patrice Lockert Anthony,
Interim Executive Director

Patrice Lockert Anthony is a writer and business owner who's been working since she was 10 years old (reading tutor). She had her first "official" and paid teaching job at 14 through the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA), a program for disadvantaged youth. Being raised by a mother, who, at 26, left a bad marriage, and while raising her four children, obtained her GED, was admitted to Pepperdine's new undergraduate urban program in Los Angeles, worked full time as a key punch operator for IBM at the same time, then scored a Ford Fellowship for her Ph.D. in Education at Claremont Graduate University in Education (which she achieved with honors), left an indelible impression (smile).
Patrice knows it is incredibly difficult to lead a busy life full of the daily grind and commit to being part of the resistance to help shape
the community and world into what we could be. She has been an advocate, activist, educator, and warrior-rebel for most of her life. For the last three decades her focus has been on food justice, BIPOC concerns, and the co-op movement. She has, for several decades, believed that people in general, and Black people in particular should return to the land (especially as they left it through being forced off without charge, trial, or remuneration.
From my ancestors to my colleagues in this struggle; I stand on the shoulders of those people of color (and allies) who have toiled, sweat,  bled, and died, for my right to exist, belong, succeed, and thrive. I have a debt to pay, and a cause to champion. I know that others share this cause, and will be on the road with me. I am at your service in whatever positive ways I may prove useful.

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Jonathan Bates,
Interim Project Director

A leading regenerative systems influencer in the Finger Lakes region and beyond, Jonathan has been building deep soil in NY, VT and MA for over 20 years. As a successful farm business operator with FoodForestFarm.com, he brings a holistic land use vision to the Groundswell team. With his knowledge and inspiration, Jonathan brings leadership and an expansive network to advise on and enhance agriculture in the Finger Lakes.

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JADE Brewer,
Marketing & Communications Intern

Jade is the Marketing & Communications Intern this semester, managing Groundswell’s social media presence and writing blog posts to tap into a growing global dialogue about local and sustainable farming. Pursuing his Masters in Industrial & Labor Relations at Cornell, Jade is deeply invested in the fight for equity. After harvesting leeks on the incubator farm at one of Groundswell’s periodic volunteer days, he fell in love with the land and discovered a passion for agricultural and ecological justice. When he isn’t on campus or at the office, you can find him hiking amongst the trees or baking vegan treats.

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Liz coakley


Liz ​oversees the Incubator Farm Program, which includes site management, recruitment, ​coordinating mentorship and trainings, and meeting with farmer​s​. Liz ​also​ ​coordinates Groundswell’s Farm Business Planning Course. Liz moved to Ithaca in 2005, and began working on local vegetable farms. Most recently she managed small vegetable operations at Wood’s Earth Farm and Ithaca Beer Company. You might also recognize her from GreenStar Coop, and the Carriage House Café. Liz is interested in the intersection of organic food grown on financially viable farms, and the accessibility of this high quality produce. When not in the field, Liz can be found hiking with her dogs.

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As Development Manager at Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming, Natalie coordinates fundraising operations and communications, and supports grant-writing and food justice program development. Natalie spent the first five years of her career with VINES in Binghamton, NY where she managed a youth employment program on an urban farm and transformed vacant lots into vibrant community gardens. She holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Binghamton University. She is an activist and a member of Ithaca's chapter of SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice), a network that organizes white people to undermine white supremacy and to work toward racial justice. (Photo credit: Penelope Campos)

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Holly Stein

Holly Stein,
manager of Farmer Training

Holly recently moved to the Finger Lakes Region from Rhode Island.  She will be developing programs and training new farmers. This past year she supported the formation of the Tooth and Nail Collective Farm, where Black, Indigenous & People Of Color (BIPOC) can connect to land and grow plants.  Holly has been involved in multiple organizing efforts over the years, supporting the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Campaign for Fair Food and AMOR the Alliance to Mobilize our Resistance. Holly got interested in farming as an adult living in New York City working as a Youth Programs Coordinator at Project Morry.  In 2011, she moved onto a small family farm in Southern Massachusetts, where her love of growing food flourished.  Holly pursued a certificate in Ecological Horticulture at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS).  Seeing the barriers that race and class played at CASFS, Holly participated in the Social Justice Action Committee, focused on trying to address these issues. As the Assistant Farm Manager at Fresh Start Farm in Lisbon, ME, Holly had the privilege of learning from immigrants and refugee farmers and supporting their farming aspirations. Holly is looking forward to building new relationships in the region and continuing to work towards a more just food system.

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Giavanna Townsend,
Programs MANAGER

Giavanna Townsend coordinates and develops Groundswell’s farmer and food justice workshops. Giavanna began her agricultural career in Binghamton, NY after working on the VINES urban farm in 2013 as a youth employee. She quickly realized a passion for growing food and striving towards an equitable food system, and went on to participate in various farm apprenticeships throughout New York State. Giavanna rejoined the VINES staff in 2017 as the Program Assistant where she supported  various gardening programs and taught workshops on growing and preparing food. In 2019 Giavanna took on the role of Assistant Farm Manager at Wild Hill Farm in Ionia, NY. Giavanna is eager to bring together her mix of farming and programming experience to support and educate farmers in the Finger Lakes.

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DIRECTOR (Maternity Leave)

Elizabeth brings experience in nonprofit leadership, sustainable farming and food sovereignty. As founding director of Common Good City Farm, she transformed a baseball field into a productive urban farm and grew the nonprofit from the ground up. Her passion for food production, equitable food access and a collaborative style was seminal to the urban agriculture movement in D.C. Elizabeth holds a dual MA from American University, is a graduate of multiple anti-racism trainings, and serves on the board of the Diversity Consortium of Tompkins County. She can often be found on the small agroforestry farm she runs with her partner Steve, or in the woods with her dogs.

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Joanna Green,
Founding Director (Retired)

Joanna retired from Groundswell in 2016. There would be no Groundswell without Joanna. After over 25 years of working in sustainable agriculture and food systems at Cornell, Joanna recognized an urgent need in the community for beginning farming support that is community-driven, inclusive, and centering of diversity. She took early retirement from Cornell to found Groundswell in 2009, and secured their first multi-year federal funding in 2010 which facilitated curricula creation and establishment of the Incubator Farm. She left Groundswell in 2015 to return to her small farmstead and B&B called Owl Moon Cottage with her husband, Art. She is active with Enfield Valley Grange.