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Juliana Quaresma, Executive Director

Juliana (she/her) is from Northeastern Brazil, from the territory of the Cariri People. She is passionate to help connect people with food, farming and the environment. She believes that the food system is not disconnected from the natural ecosystem.

     By connecting people to local food and farming, one of the ways to promote farm and food justice, we are shortening the gap between people and their local environment and community. There are so many barriers to becoming a farmer, where land costs are high, and conventional ways of running farms make it difficult or nearly impossible for people with fewer resources to build their own careers and farming business.

     Historically farming in this Country has been significantly shrouded in stolen land and slavery, and by design, it has been especially oppressive for BIPOC farmers and not conducive to success.

     I am happy to be part of this team that focuses on addressing the micro and macro barriers around farming and providing support and resources to people who have traditionally been marginalized and/or exploited.

With almost ten years of developing and implementing a diversity of educational programs in food justice non-profit organizations in Recife, Brazil and New York, she has worked to support farmers by coordinating, training, and managing programs with agroecology, agroforestry, natural resources management in farming, wanting to build more equitable, diverse, sustainable food system.

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Many years ago Stephen (he/him) sidestepped a career as a junior high math teacher to become a modern dancer. Over the years he danced with a variety of companies and choreographers around the world, most notably with Rachel Lampert & Dancers during the 80's and early 90's, and Jane Comfort & Company from 1995 thru 2004. He arrived in Ithaca in 2004, serving as the the Managing Director of the Kitchen Theatre Company thru 2020. He has been working as the bookkeeper for Groundswell Center since January 2021.

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Kimberly Wiman (she/her) was born and raised on Piscataway land (P.G. County, MD) with maternal Quechua roots in the Huanca Huanca river valley of Paucar del Sara Sara, Perú. She’s a homesteader, physical therapist, novice carpenter, and bikepacker. She cares for 3 acres of mostly forested land near Trumansburg, NY with her partner. In 2021 Kimberly began her work with Groundswell as the Assistant Farm Manager for the Incubator Farm, and in the spring of 2022 took on the role of Community Education Coordinator. Kimberly has a background in Plant Sciences from Cornell University and interests in agroforestry, ecologically restorative agriculture, indigenous foodways, collective structures, and uplifting BIPOC and queer/trans*/women farmers. Connection to the land is a fundamental part of her health and ability to serve others, and she’s driven by a passion to share the knowledge, stories, and technical skills to make a life that includes farming more imaginable and attainable.

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Yao "Chacha" Foli,
Incubator Farm Manager

Fall 2022 we welcomed Yao Foli to the team. Bio coming soon!

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