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Farm Business Planning Course

The Farm Business Planning Course is an intensive 8-10 week class for people in the early to mid stages of developing an agricultural business.

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Cow and Tiffany
Adriana, Business Development  and ESL Coordinator
Adriana, Business Development and ESL Coordinator

ESL options coming soon!


Groundswell Center offers individualized support and one-on-one guidance for beginning farmers, food producers, and underrepresented new business owners in various aspects of business development including:

  • Conceptualization & Goal Setting
  • Management
  • Marketing & distribution
  • Record keeping & financial planning
  • Increasing production
  • Preparing to apply for loans
  • Accessing State or Federal business loans and incentive programs such as USDA FSA and NRCS

We can also connect you with other opportunities locally including matched savings programs, farmer or business mentorship, and training from other agencies and leaders in the region!


Becoming a Business Owner

We have teamed up with Alternatives Federal Credit Union to offer a class to help you figure out all the details of getting started on your business

"If we didn’t take Groundswell courses, we wouldn’t have tapped into the network of some of the most amazing farmers in the Finger Lakes who have been successful vegetables farmers for a long time and who are very willing to share knowledge and resources with us."

- Allan Gandelman, Co-owner Main Street Farms, Programs Graduate