Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Volunteers help with everything from stuffing envelopes, to fundraising, to teaching in our programs, to serving on our Advisory Board. A three-month commitment is the usual minimum although some volunteers continue to work with us for years.

Entry-Level Volunteers

Volunteers wishing to gain basic experience can start by assisting on an occasional basis with tasks like:Match School ay Kestrel Perch

  • Staffing our display at area events
  • Distributing posters and brochures
  • Database entry and filing
  • Other small jobs but important jobs

Volunteer Specialists

Volunteers with specialized skills and experience can be helpful in a variety of ways depending on your strengths and Groundswells’ needs.


Please send us your resume and a cover letter (email is fine) summarizing your interests, skills and availability. If we think there’s a match, we will arrange an individual meeting to explore options. Next step is agreeing on a “Volunteer Contract” outlining expectations and timetable for the project(s) that you take on. After three months we have an informal mutual evaluation of the experience and make a decision about next steps.

Corporate Volunteer Days

We hold 2 corporate volunteer days per year for companies or businesses on the incubator farm.  Contact us at elizabeth@groundswellcenter.org or 607-319-5095 to arrange a time for your employees, board, or other group of volunteers to assist with various farm-related tasks for an afternoon or weekend.

Volunteer Positions

The following volunteer positions may or may not be available at any given time. To find out, send an email to  elizabeth@groundswellcenter.org or call 607-319-5095.

Volunteer Position


Estimated Time Commitment

Advisory Board Member Meet monthly to provide leadership, strategic planning and fundraising  assistance in support of Groundswell’s vision and mission. Read more. 3-Year Term, application form HERE
Event Assistant Help organize, set up and/or clean-up a Groundswell community event Occasional, as needed
Trainee Profile Writer Interview Groundswell Trainees and write profiles for our newsletter and other media Minimum 3 months, 6-12 hours per month


Record, edit and produce short video pieces for online sharing Minimum 1 months, depending on skills and experience