Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Volunteers help with everything from stuffing envelopes, to fundraising, to teaching in our programs, to serving on our Advisory Board. A three-month commitment is the usual minimum although some volunteers continue to work with us for years.

Entry-Level Volunteers

Volunteers wishing to gain basic experience can start by assisting on an occasional basis with tasks like:Match School ay Kestrel Perch

  • Staffing our display at area events
  • Distributing posters and brochures
  • Database entry and filing
  • Other small jobs but important jobs

Volunteer Specialists

Volunteers with specialized skills and experience can be helpful in a variety of ways depending on your strengths and Groundswells’ needs.


Please send us your resume and a cover letter (email is fine) summarizing your interests, skills and availability. If we think there’s a match, we will arrange an individual meeting to explore options. Next step is agreeing on a “Volunteer Contract” outlining expectations and timetable for the project(s) that you take on. After three months we have an informal mutual evaluation of the experience and make a decision about next steps.

Volunteer Positions

The following volunteer positions may or may not be available at any given time. To find out, send an email to elizabeth@groundswellcenter.org or call 607-319-5095.

Volunteer Position


Estimated Time Commitment

Advisory Board Member Meet monthly to provide leadership, strategic planning and fundraising  assistance in support of Groundswell’s vision and mission. Read more. 3-Year Term, application form HERE
Event Assistant Help organize, set up and/or clean-up a Groundswell community event Occasional, as needed
Trainee Profile Writer Interview Groundswell Trainees and write profiles for our newsletter and other media Minimum 3 months, 6-12 hours per month


Record, edit and produce short video pieces for online sharing Minimum 1 months, depending on skills and experience