Farmhouse and Land available in exchange for paying utilities ($200/month) and maintaince

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Our neighbor owns a 3 bedroom farmhouse on 52 acres in central NY, and is looking for a person/couple to live in the house in exchange for utilities (200$/mo) plus some maintenance and light carpentry. He returns for 1 or 2 days every 2-3 weeks, but is out of town most of the time. This is a beautiful property with great views, a large creek and gorge, and good soil for growing both perennials and annuals. We have been given permission to farm the property, and are looking for some folks to join us. Right now, I am growing a nice large potato patch down there and there are loads of apples. I am thinking of moving some cows down there...especially if we get someone interested in farming living there. Our place is right up the road within biking distance (only other permanent residence in the gorge). We are off the grid, family of 4, 2 girls age 10 and 9, growing most of our own veggies and fruits, and keep chickens for eggs and meat and cows for meat, milk, and for restoring soil fertility. The opportunity to work with us/trade is variable, based on what we all would prefer. I am currently just growing food for the family/friends, but we could expand if we find the right people to work with.