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Groundswell is happy to be a part of Farmland for a New Generation New York. Farmland for a New Generation New York is a program coordinated by American Farmland Trust – in partnership with the State of New York, agricultural organizations, land trusts, and others – that helps farmers seeking land and landowners who want to keep their land in farming. 

The program offers a statewide Resource Center with expert advisers and a website featuring training materials and listings of farmers in search of land as well as land available for farming. Farmland for a New Generation New York also supports a network of Regional Navigators, or partner organizations with dedicated staff, that provides training and on-the-ground customized support for farmers and landowners in regions across New York. 

Farmland for a New Generation New York offers services to help farmland seekers – new farmers and younger generations of farm families – while supporting retiring farmers and other farmland owners in successfully transferring their farms.

Groundswell can provide support and advise farmers in navigating the process, providing educational resources and guidance to farmers and landowners.

Farm finder

Resources if you are looking for land

If you’re a farmer in search of land, you can create a profile on FNG as a “Land Seeker,” share information about your ideal land access scenario, and reach out directly to farmland owners for more information about their land. Groundswell can help you find listings of farmland and farmers, as well as training materials, events, and personal assistance.

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Resources if you are a landowner

As a landowner, whether you’re an active farmer looking to transition your land and business, a second homeowner who wants to lease your land to a local farmer, or someone in between, posting your property on FNG will make it visible to NY farmers in need of land. Did you know that Groundswell is a Regional Navigator for Farmland for a New Generation New York? In our role, we provide direct support to farmers seeking land and landowners who want to keep land in farming. Schedule an appointment to connect with us here.

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