Fence-Raising Parties at the Groundswell Incubator Farm!

Learn skills, make friends, have fun and support new farmers in our community!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to install a deer fence at your farm or homestead?  Better yet, would you like to get some hands-on fence-building experience with the guidance of an experienced farmer? Then join us!

Sunday March 24th, 10 AM – 4 PM

Fence-Raising Workshop & Work Party


Friday March 29, 11 AM – 3 PM   (NOTE THE NEW DATE!)

Fence-Raising Work Party
Groundswell invites you to be part of the fence-raising action at the Groundswell  Incubator Farm.  We’ll start on Sunday at 10 am with a one-hour workshop on the basics of designing and installing deer fencing.  Then we will all put our heads & hands together to create a lasting and beautiful fence, which will protect the new farm enterprises that will be launching in 2013 and beyond.

The workshop is free for those who can put in 3 hours or more of fence-building help, $30 for those who can’t. Let us know if you plan to come by sending an email to info@groundswellcenter.org. Or just show up!

First, we will set about 50 black locust posts into their pre-dug holes.  Then we will roll out the woven wire along the fence line, and use everyone’s energy to hold it up to the posts while it gets stapled on and tightened. Altogether we’ll be building about 1700 feet of 8 foot tall woven-wire fencing that will protect 4 acres of the Incubator Farm from deer and other critters who feast on farmers’ crops.

On Friday March 29th, we will finish building the fence with a group of high school students on a service trip from the MATCH charter schools in the Boston area.  These students have shown a high-level of dedication to their education, but rarely get a chance to spend time working outside or to experience new types of careers and lifestyles.  If you would like to work alongside these student-volunteers, we encourage you to come work with us on Monday, March 25th from 11 am to 3 pm.

We look forward to raising this fence with your help… Many hands make light work!