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Chaw (607) 216-5245 / Lucy (607) 216-2495
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Farm Description: Stick and Stone Farm is a certified organic vegetable and
fruit farm established in 1995. We currently grow 30 acres of certified
organic vegetables and fruit, and manage an additional 30-40 acres of land in
cover crop rotation. We employ 6-8 people seasonally, with around 3
employees working year round. We endeavor to grow vibrant and tasty food
in a way that is sustainable to our land and environment, our bodies and
health, and our livelihood. We strive to work and play well with each other.
We market our produce through farmers' market, local wholesale accounts,
small regional distributors and the Full Plate Farm Collective, a multi-farm
CSA. While we grow over 40 crops, our main crops include beans, beets,
cooking greens, Asian vegetables, root crops and winter storage vegetables.

Job Description:
Manage production and maintain equipment on our farm. This includes
tractor operation, pest and disease control, managing manual labor for
fieldwork (other than harvesting), and maintenance of equipment. This is a
full-time, year round position, with 45+hours/week in the summer. We
require at least 3 years experience working on a commercial farm operating
and maintaining tractors. Experience with fruit and/or vegetable production
desired but not necessary. Flexibility and sense of humor are absolutely
required. Enjoyment of hard work, all kinds of weather, and good food are
key to a great work experience at our farm.

Skills desired:
-Ability to operate and maintain tractors and other farm equipment
-Pest and disease management experience
-Positive attitude
-Basic mechanic skills.
-Good communication skills
-Ability to work well with others
-Familiarity with Spanish language
-Ability to work independently, solve problems, and make good decisions

Compensation: Starting pay is $15-$20/hour depending on experience.

To Apply: Contact Chaw (607) 216-5245 and/or Lucy (607) 216-2495

Latest Start Date: Early April