Land Access Work

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Land Acknowledgement

Groundswell acknowledges and honors the land and those who have stewarded it for centuries before us and who were removed from it by force and theft.  Here in the Finger Lakes region, the Haudenosaunee Indigenous people were the original stewards of the land and still reside here today south of and surrounding Cayuga Lake. Many of the tenets of “sustainable” and “regenerative” agriculture, for which Groundswell’s Core Values are rooted in, were developed and practiced by Indigenous people and brought to the U.S. by Africans slaves.  Our “land access” work is rooted in forming deep relationships with diverse people and the land, working collectively to address ongoing land-based injustices, and ultimately to work towards the redistribution of land and resources to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.


Land Linking: Groundswell supports land seekers and land holders as a Regional Navigator with American Farmland Trust

Groundswell is a member of the Land Access Reparations & Reconciliation Working Group, which has created a web site of its own to serve as the landing page and central point for online communication about ongoings, events, resources and more on this important topic.  Please stay up to date by visiting the web site!