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Farm Description
Main Street Farms is a diversified organic vegetable farm located in Cortland, NY serving a CSA, farmers market, and wholesale customers. We have 30 acres in vegetables, 20 acres in cover crops and plenty of land to keep expanding on. As a farm, our passion is to help bring sustainable, local, and organic produce to as many people as possible by expanding our CSA program to run year-round and increase our wholesale sales to large volume buyers. As a rapidly expanding business we are looking for a motivated individual to help us manage our fields as we scale up to reach these goals.
We are a close knit team. We have a farm chef that prepares lunch for our crew everyday and we sit and take the time to eat together and enjoy our farm bounty. Our crew members are passionate about sustainable farming and the local food system. We work together to make our farm more efficient and provide our community with the best quality produce possible.

Job Description
We are looking for a dedicated individual with a farming background. Top candidates will bring new skills and knowledge in sustainable vegetable production and a strong motivation to enhance our practices and refine our systems to become more streamlined and efficient. Candidates with previous field work experience on large, diversified, organic, vegetable farms will be best suited to the position.

The field crew’s primary responsibility is to work with our team to plant and harvest vegetables. Our crew starts at 7:00 AM and works until 4:00 PM with a one hour lunch break in the middle of the day. We have a farm chef that prepares lunch for our crew everyday and we sit and take the time to eat together and enjoy our farm bounty.

In the early spring, the field crew will work to seed and transplant our crops. In the summer, our crew will work to harvest, wash, and pack our CSA shares and prepare for markets. We are looking for a hard working, reliable person who has great work ethic and wants to be a part of a team where they can grow into a leadership position.

Mandatory qualifications: applicants must possess ALL of the following:

+1 years field work experience
Ability to lift 50lbs
Reliable, on time every day
Our perspective: Farm work is inherently variable and multifaceted, requiring farmers to be flexible, creative, and motivated about the task at hand and changing conditions. The most qualified candidates will bring enthusiasm and energy for our outdoor lifestyle, as well as a heaping dose of humor, positivity, and good spirits in the face of challenges. During the summer season, work at MSF can be fast paced and changes quickly. Qualified candidates must be able to find solutions to problems independently and efficiently.


This position is paid at an hourly rate of $12.38 – 40 hours per week in the summer months.

Apply by January 15

Start Date: End of May

To apply, send resume, cover letter, and 2-3 references (Name, Business, Email and Phone Number) to

Please answer the following questions:

What farming experience do you have?
What was the size in acres of vegetable production on each of the farms that you worked on?
Why are you passionate about the local food system?