A cactus grows in Nichols, NY

This week, Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming and Rainbow Healing Center of America, LLC teamed up for a herb harvest at Kay’s Rare Cacti & Succulents in Nichols, NY. With the help of several volunteers, we harvested golden rod, raspberry leaves, burdock and other herbs to be dried for Rainbow Healing Center teas.

After the volunteer work, Kay -aka “The Cactus Lady”- so kindly showed us her glorious cactus collection, which she’s been growing for 35 years. A few years ago she lost many of her plants to terrible fire but her collection is slowly coming back. Ms. Olivia, RHC Executive Director and Kay’s daughter, says that Kay resurrects struggling plants. “Have a dying cactus? Bring it to Kay and she’ll nurse it back to health.” Contact her via her website if you’re looking for a new plant in your life.

Kay’s Tip of the Day: When watering cacti & succulents never water them and leave them in the saucer or the dish the water drains into. They will rot. Water the plant and let the water drain out before placing it back on the saucer.

Special thanks to Joanna, Kay, Ms. Olivia, Liz, Natalie, and Alexas for all your hard work on this volunteer day! The Rainbow Healing Center has been an important partner and supporter of Groundswell since it’s inception. For more information about RHC, visit their website.