South Hill Cider: An A-peel-ing Addition

In 2014, Steve Selin and his family achieved their dream of owning their own estate cider orchard. 

Now, the 5-acre South Hill Cider Orchard boasts 20 varieties of apples and 1,500 trees.

Just this fall, South Hill Cider opened a new cider house and tasting room, located next to the orchard, and participated in Finger Lakes Cider Week. The cider house is also located in Ithaca, just off of the Finger Lakes Trail and next door to Finger Lakes Land Trust’s Sweedler and Thayer preserves.

Steve and the orchard staff have been doubling production each year and produce about 300 gallons of hard cider annually, creating a cash flow to invest in the orchard’s newest venture. Steve said one of his favorite kinds of apples is Porter’s Perfection, which “tastes great, fruits well, grows well, and [is] amazing.”

The tasting room is open Monday-Thursday from 11 a.m.-6 p.m., and on Saturdays until 8 p.m (closed Fridays). The cider house serves snacks, offers cider tastings, and hosts special events and cider pairing dinners.