The Farm to Plate Conference: Uniting to Create, Educate, and Celebrate a Sustainable Local Food System

Schedule Dates: May 11 – 13, 2017

A few of the planners for Farm to Plate (from right to left) Damon, Elizabeth, Tess, Jay, Kate, Olivia, Bobby, Rachel, Aaron

Location: Ithaca, NY and surrounding locations

Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming, the Food, Agroecology, Justice and Well-being Collective at Cornell, and Roots Rising Farm are pleased to announce the Finger Lakes “Farm to Plate Conference: Uniting to Create, Educate, and Celebrate a Sustainable Food System.”

Taking place on May 11- 13, 2017 in Ithaca, NY and the surrounding areas, the “Farm to Plate” conference was originally conceptualized by Damon Brangman, founder of Roots Rising Farm, the vision of the conference, is to bring together people from multiple sectors of the community to collectively develop strategies towards creating resilience in the local food system. The goals are to:

  • Honor and celebrate diverse farming traditions, the abundance of the Finger Lakes region, and local farmers
  • Share knowledge on the topics of food production and preparation, gardening, and social justice 

  • Collaborate to create a sustainable local food network through equitable sharing of resources 

  • Develop stronger campus/community relationships through discussion on themes of health, food justice & agroecology 

Keynote speakers

Collaborators include: CCE-Tompkins County, GreenStar Community Projects, Tompkins County Food Policy Council, Youth Farm Project, Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute, New Roots School, and Ithaca Children’s Garden

The Farm to Plate Conference is funded in part by the Park Foundation, the Engaged Cornell, Cornell Polson Institute for Global Development, and the Cornell Einaudi Center for International Studies. In an effort to keep conference attendee costs low or zero, we welcome local business sponsorships and individual donations.

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Tentative Schedule:

  • Thursday evening – Keynote Speaker or Panel downtown
  • Friday Day – Focus to connect campus and in-town community (Possible in-town workshop: food and racism training) (Possible farm tours)
  • Friday Evening – In-town keynote, cooking competition or speaker panel
  • Saturday – Daytime – In town

Workshops and Conference Tracks (Topics such as health, sustenance, race & the food system and more.)

  • Saturday Afternoon/Evening – In-town Action Plenary

Want to get involved?

  • Call for Workshops! Submit an idea for a workshop, talk or panel discussion. Honorariums provided. Due March 15.
  • Call for Papers! Submit an idea for a paper session. Due March 8. Full drafts of papers will be requested by conference organizers by May 5
  • Volunteer to help organize, publicize and coordinate the Conference. Please email or call 607-319-5095. 
  • Donate to help make this conference happen!