Centering Equity at Groundswell Center – September FFJ Recap!

This month our Farming for Justice Discussion Group featured us here at Groundswell Center, speaking about  the work we’ve been doing around Equity in the organization. The presentation and discussion was recorded, which you can view here. In short, we center equity in our organization because that is the future of farming and a sustainable and regenerative food system that works. With Big Ag controlling most of production, but only representing the top small percent of the large farms, we have to support and make space for local, historically marginalized, young and beginning farmers.
The top 4% of all US farms produce more than ⅔ of all ag production.
The vast majority of principal operators (95%) are white. And while the number of historically marginalized principal operators (USDA defines as ‘minority’) counted in the 2017 Ag-Census increased by a greater percent (7.5%) than white principal operators (6.9%), this is still incredibly small in comparison.

As mentioned in the recording, you can find our equity statement on our website here.

Also, here’s a list of local and regional organization and farms that support equity:

SoulFire Farm

Rocky Acres Community Farm

VINES Farm Share

Hudson Valley Seed Network 

Onondaga Nation Farm

Youth Farm Project 

The Learning Farm

Traditional Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Healing

True Love Seeds

Northeast Farmers of Color

And there are even more resources here on our website! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments on our Equity Policy, or for more information!